Plastic Glass S.r.l. designs and manufactures GRP / FRP Vessels and Basins with capacity up to 500,000 liters, built according to customer's drawings and requirements.

It is possible to realize any type of Fiberglass Equipments, such as:


  • GRP / FRP Vessels with vertical axis (supported by skirts, legs or lugs);
  • GRP / FRP Vessels with horizontal axis;
  • GRP / FRP Reactors;
  • GRP / FRP Basin whole body;
  • GRP / FRP Vessel and Basin assembled on site with pre-fabricated flanged sector


Plastic Glass S.r.l. is historically recognized as a highly specialized company in the manufacture of equipments where there are problems related to corrosion and thermal/electrical insulation due to the innovative and powerful construction techniques.

Highly skilled manpower makes Thermoplastic Liners (PVC, PP, PVDF, HALAR, ...) and External Coatings for protection from aggressive chemical and atmospheric environments.

In addition, specific Refractory and Insulation support systems have been developed to meet the needs of all customers.



Thanks to the dedicated technical office, Plastic Glass S.r.l. can support its customers with immediate feedback about:


  • Support on Process Desing of Equipments;
  • Drawing up of Mechanical / Structural Calculation Reports in accordance with all the major International Standards and Codes (ASME X, AMSE RTP-1, EN13121, BS4994:1987, ... );
  • Finalization of Construction/Detail Drawings and preparation of General Assembly;
  • PED and GOST R / CU-TR Certifications of all equipments if required;
  • Suppy of Technical Passports.



Plastic Glass S.r.l. can also provide GRP/ FRP Platform and Ladders suitable for all types of loads, supporting the customers even during plant installation phases.


Completed projects


    N° 3 tanks for waste water treatment

    Built with GRP pannels reinforced by a metallic frame.

    External finishing completely made with GRP coating.


       - Lenght and width:  11.000 x 3.700 mm

       - Total Height:  2300 mm

       - Design temp.:  40 °C

       - Design press.:  atm

       - Site: Italy



    Storage of 37% HCl solution

    N° 2 vessels in GRP with Epoxy Novolac Resin

    with a volume of 150 m3.

    Supply complete of the full set of valves and pipes.

       - Internal diameter:  4.000 mm

       - Total height:  12.350 mm

       - Design temp.:  -15 / +60 °C

       - Design press.:  - 0,1 / + 0,49 barg

       - Site:  Italy



    Realised in PVDF+GRP

    N° 5 vessels in PVDF reinforced with glass fiber,

    with gelcoat loaded graphite to guarantee

    the complete electrical conductivity.

       - Internal diameter:  1.700 mm

       - Total lenght:   10.500 mm

       - Design temp.:  +75 °C

       - Design press.:  +0,45 barg

       - Site:  Spain


    Realized in GRP and PVDF + GRP

    Fiberglass and PVDF + GRP Tanks to be

    installed on skids for acids storage.

    Different coloured bands for stored

    liquid identifications according to

    international safety standard.

       - Internal Diameter:  1.000 mm  /  700 mm

       - Site:  Egypt



    Realized in PVDF + GRP

    Tank design in accordance with EN13121-3, complete with

    groyne in PVDF and special nozzle for mixer installation.

       - Internal Diameter:  3.000 mm

       - Total Height:  5.050 mm

       - Design Temp.:  +95 °C

       - Design Press.:  + 0,1 barg

       - Site:  Italy


    Storage of HCl 32%

    Vessel in PVC + GRP with a capacity of 130 m3.

    Top supports design for heavy external loads.

       - Internal Diameter:  3.800 mm

       - Total Height:  12.500 mm

       - Design Temp.:  +65 °C

       - Design Press.:  + / - 0,1 barg

       - Site:  Algeria


    Storage of Sulfuric Acid 50%

    N° 2 Vessel in FRP with a capacity of 70 m3.

    Integrated external thermal insulation.

       - Internal Diameter:  3.000 mm

       - Total Length:  10.520 mm

       - Design Temp.:  -20 / +100 °C

       - Design Press.:  Atm

       - Site:  Italy