Plastic Glass S.r.l. designs and manufactures Customized Equipment in GRP / FRP (Fiberglass) of any size and shape, according to customer's drawings and requirements such as:


  • Quencer with internal refractory;
  • Electrofilter;
  • Electrolyzer;
  • Settling tanks;
  • Ect.


    In addition to GRP / FRP Tanks, Vessels, Columns and Piping Equipments, other types of products are available. Special Shape Equipment such as:


    • Fairings;
    • Hulls;
    • Light Roofs;
    • Outdoor structures;
    • Ect.



    Why switch to fiberglass?


    • Economically advantageous technical solutions to solve chemical corrosion issues;


    • Weighing down keeping excellent mechanical strength properties;


    • Possibility to customize shapes and sizes to accommodate available spaces with lower production costs.



    Completed projects

    •              HCl ABSORBER
        N° 2 Double-Stage Absorbers


         Absorbers of 387 m3 capacity complete with 

         internal chimney trays (N° 3 elements DN1500).

         Hydrotest performed with Acoustic Emission Test.

                -  Internal Diameter: 4.800 mm

                -  Total Height: 24.200 mm

               -   Design Temp.: +100 °C

               -   Design Press.: -0,15 / +0,5 barg

                -  Site: Saudi Arabia