Company profile


Plastic Glass S.r.l., founded in 1987, is present from years on the market of Fiberglass (GRP - Glassfiber Reiforced Plastic) Equipments production for chemical, pharmaceutical and petrolchemical industries, in water depuration, gases treatment and where are present problems due to chemical corrosion, electrical/thermal insulation and where are required high mechanical performaces keeping lightness. 

GRP Vessel Tank Serbatoio Vetroresina PVC PP PVDF 11.jpg

Its modern facilites for GRP manifacturing like Filament Winding Machine, along with a strict selection of raw materials, allow to satisfy the demands of the most attentive and demanding cusomers.

The design and manufacturing of Equipments of any Diameter and Height and piping lines with particular Routing and Layout are the daily challenges that Plastic Glass S.r.l. faces to satisfy its customers with maximum availability and professionalism.


GRP Fiberglass Vetroresina PRFV Filament Winding.jpgFiberglass GRP Plastic Glass Tesion Machine Test Ftrazione PRFV Laminati.JPG


Thanks to the dedicated technical office, Plastic Glass S.r.l. can support its customers with immediate feedback about:


  • Support on Process Desing of Equipments;
  • Drawing up of Mechanical / Structural Calculation Reports in accordance with all the major International Standards and Codes (ASME X, AMSE RTP-1, EN13121, BS4994:1987, ... );
  • Finalization of Construction/Detail Drawings and preparation of General Assembly;
  • PED and GOST R / CU-TR Certifications of all equipments if required;
  • Suppy of Technical Passports.



Company Facilities:

  • Covered Shed: 3200 sqm + 400 sqm (Technical Office);
  • Outside Deposit: 3000 sqm;
  • Internal Laboratory for complete tests on Laminates.



Plastic Glass Shop GRP PRFV Vetroresina Fiberglass.JPG



Plastic Glass S.r.l. is also historically recognized as a highly specialized company in the production of Thermoplastic Liners (PVC, PP, PVDF, HALAR, ...) and External Coatings for protection from aggressive chemical and atmospheric environments.

In addition, specific Refractory and Insulation support systems have been developed to meet the needs

of all customers.


Plastic Glass S.r.l. can provide GRP Platforms and Ladders suitable for all types of loads, supporting the customers even during plant installation phases along with the supplied equipments.



The Resins used for GRP Laminates production may alternatively be:


  • Vinylester
  • Vinylester Epoxy Novolac 
  • Polyester Bisphenolic, Isoftalic and Ortoftalic
  • Special flame retardants or trasformed in eletrically conductive depending on the applications.