Plastic Glass S.r.l. designs and manufactures GRP / FRP Filters
of any diameter and length, pressure and temperature, according to customer's drawings and needs. All fiberglass equipments can be supplied with PED Certification (CE Marking) and / or GOST R / TR CU Certification (EAC Marking).
Types of Fiberglass Filters:

  • GRP / FRP Cartridge Filters
  • GRP / FRP Multimedia Filters
  • GRP / FRP Sand Filters
  • GRP / FRP Active Coal Filters
  • GRP / FRP Candle Filters
  • GRP / FRP Customized Filters



Plastic Glass S.r.l., present in the market of liquid treatment and gas filtration systems from over 30 years, is constantly developing new solutions to improve plant efficiency, reduce construction costs and simplify filter maintenance operations.

All internal items such as filter bells, cartridges, cartridge supports, ect, can be supplied directly from Plastic Glass S.r.l. guaranteeing customer ready-to-use appliances according to specific requirements (excluding process sands).















Plastic Glass S.r.l. is historically recognized as a highly specialized company in the production of Thermoplastic Liners (PVC, PP, PVDF, HALAR, ...) and External Coatings for protection from aggressive chemical and atmospheric environments.

In addition, specific Refractory and Insulation support systems have been developed to meet the needs

of all customers.



Thanks to the dedicated technical office, Plastic Glass S.r.l. can support its customers with immediate feedback about:


  • Support on Process Desing of Equipments;
  • Drawing up of Mechanical / Structural Calculation Reports in accordance with all the major International Standards and Codes (ASME X, AMSE RTP-1, EN13121, BS4994:1987, ... );
  • Finalization of Construction/Detail Drawings and preparation of General Assembly;
  • PED and GOST R / CU-TR Certifications of all equipments if required;
  • Suppy of Technical Passports.



Plastic Glass S.r.l. can also provide GRP / FRP Platform and Ladders suitable for all external loads, supporting the customers even during plant installation phases.




Completed projects

  •             ACTIVE CARBON FILTER

                N° 3 vertical GRP filters 


       Complete with internal tubesheet with filtering bells.

       Design according to EN13121-3 : 2016.

              -  Internal Diameter: 3.000 mm

              -  Total Height: 6.150 mm

              -  Design Temp.:  + 40 °C

              -  Design Press.:  2 barg

              -  Site: Porto Torres (Italy)

  •               CARTRIDGE FILTER

            Horizontal filter in PP+GRP 


       Complete with Internal Cartridge Support.

       Suitable for the treatment of Sodium Chloride.

              -  Internal Diameter: 450 mm

              -  Total Length: 2.400 mm

              -  Design Temp.:  + 70 °C

              -  Design Press.:  10 barg

              -  Site: Piacenza (Italy)