Plastic Glass S.r.l. manufactures GRP Pipe and Fittings ranging from Ø15 mm up to Ø4800 mm with any thickness. On customer request and drawing, prefabricated fiberglass pipe system can be realized to solve issues related to transportable size limit. Assemblies and installations on site can be included in scope of supply of Plastic Glass S.r.l..



Thanks to the implementation of dedicated projected fittings, particular pipe layouts, routings and geometries can be carry out to solve all space problems and meet every customer need.
















Plastic Glass S.r.l. is historically recognized as a highly specialized company in the production of Thermoplastic Liners (PVC, PP, PVDF, HALAR, ...) and External Coatings for protection from aggressive chemical and atmospheric environments.
In addition, specific Refractory and Insulation support systems have been developed to meet the needs of all customers.


Completed projects



           N° 1 Self Standing Stack realized in

           FRP, installed on Skid. Special Inlet 

           Nozzle according to client specifications.

                   -  Internal Diameter: 500 mm

                   -  Total Hight: 10.000 mm

                   -  Design Temp.:  + 80 °C

                   -  Wind Loads:  150 km/h

                   -  Site: Italy


            N° 1 Pipe with PVDF liner to resist at the     

            corrosion due to acid condensate. Pipe

            is cutted and then welded on site to 

            assembly a Stack Elbow.

                    -  Internal Diameter: 3.200 mm

                    -  Total Length: 12.000 mm

                   -   Design Temp.:  + 120 °C

                  -    PVDF Liner:  5,00 mm

                   -   Site: Bulgaria



                  Mixed supply of fiberglass pipes PN10

                  produced with Vinylester Resin, complete with

                  Fixed Flanges and Free Flanges (GRP

                  rotating rings) and external translucent

                  finishing with UV-Absorber.



               N° 2 duct connections between Scrubber

               and Fan. Gas Outlet at 45° complete with

               internal drainage system for acid condensate.

                      -  Internal Diameter: 1.800 mm

                      -  Total Length: 18.200 mm

                      -  Design Temp.:  + 80 °C

                      -  Design Press.:  -0,15 / +0,5 barg

                      -  Site: Saudi Arabia

  •          EXHAUST GAS DUCT


                  N° 2 duct connections between HCl Absorber

                  and Scrubber. Thickness up to 17.0 mm to

                  reach high mechanical performances.

                        -  Internal Diameter: 1.800 mm

                        -  Total Length: 18.200 mm

                        -  Design Temp.:  + 80 °C

                        -  Design Press.:  -0,15 / +0,5 barg

                        -  Site: Saudi Arabia